Replacing Broken Electronics

Replacing Broken Electronics

Up, Up And Away: How To Create More Floor Space By Placing Electronics On The Wall

Riley Fowler

When you live in a small apartment or a house with a small living room, the idea of having a massive entertainment center parked on the floor is not a good one. You need that floor space for furniture, but yet, you need your electronics too. Thankfully, with all of the following wall fixtures, you can have both.

The Stationary TV Mount

If your living room is quite square and boxy, and all of your viewpoints while sitting on the furniture can see the TV, then the stationary mount works for you. It mounts to the wall, at any height, and leaves the floor space below clear. If you want to add surround sound speakers, you still have plenty of space to do that. Put them on the floor, or elevate them with their own wall shelves.

The Tilt/Swivel and Articulating Wall Mount

If you have a living room that is twice as long as it is wide, then maybe you want to see the TV from different vantage points. No problem. Use a wall mount with an articulating arm that also tilts in all directions and swivels too. If you really want to beef up your TV viewing, buy a second TV of the same size, mount it using this same wall mount a few feet away from the first mount, and now you can watch two shows at once, or two groups of people can each watch their own shows.

Shelf Mounts for Other Entertainment Equipment

Many styles of TV mounts allow you to add to the TV mounts. These extensions provide shelving space for DVD/Blu Ray Players and gaming systems. Additionally, all of the cords from these entertainment electronics can be wound around nearby pegs to keep babies and small children from pulling on them and possibly pulling the electronics down on their wee heads.

Wall-Mountable Electronics

There are also wall-mountable electronics. If you still listen to CDs, tapes, vinyl records, etc., there are electronics designed to look modern and mount to the walls, but still provide that retro sound. Most of these electronics are designed to be small and lightweight so that when you mount them to the wall, they will not pull free and fall down. You can buy an extra accessory for these types of electronics that help support their weight, if you are worried that your walls are not durable enough to bear up these electronics.

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